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Volunteer FAQs

When is the next volunteer orientation?

The next volunteer orientation will be held at noon, on June 14. This will be a virtual orientation and will be held via Microsoft Teams.

What is the process to become a volunteer?

First, you will need to complete a volunteer questionnaire. After your questionnaire has been submitted, you will need to attend a virtual volunteer orientation. Lastly, you will be trained by one of our volunteer trainers in the area that you choose to volunteer in.

Are there any volunteer requirements?

We ask that volunteers in any area volunteer an average of six hours a month during a one-year period to maintain your active status. If you are not able to meet six hours per month, please email the volunteer coordinator at We also require that volunteers abide by our Terms & Conditions found in the volunteer questionnaire, and follow all safety direction provided to them by staff.

Can my child volunteer at Save-A-Pet?

At this time, we are not accepting new volunteers under the age of 18.