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Community Cats

If you have “community cats” in your area, and you’re concerned, please read below for ways that you can help.

Have you found a community cat?  Not sure?  Do you know it doesn’t matter if they are friendly or feral?

If you have found a community cat in good health and not suffering from injury, please consider Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) services if the cat does not appear to already have an ear clipped/tipped.  TNR is a great way to help cats, your local shelters/animal controls, and also your community.  In doing so, you can save more lives as this opens up resources to be available to friendly indoor-only cats that are stuck in open admission facilities facing euthanasia simply because there are no other available options.  Adoption Centers like Save-A-Pet are then able to take over care for those cats that really need our support.  Cats that are healthy and thriving in their outdoor environment should receive TNR services so they can live where they are accustomed to living.

Save-A-Pet offers TNR services at low cost through our Fixin’ for Freedom Program and we can walk you through the process and how you can help.  For more information and to register, go here and email it to for guidance and to schedule.  Also, please feel free to call us at 847-740-7788 ext 116.

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Other organizations in the area that also offer these services are:

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