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Puppy in the grass

Canine Care / Feline Care

Canine Care

Interested in become part of the Canine Care volunteer team? These volunteers assist staff by walking the dogs in our dog walking area at the back of the adoption center, socializing with them in a fenced-in play area, and helping with light cleaning are some of the ways you can help  in the adoption center.

In order to assist with our dogs, you must:

  • Be able to kneel down and walk on hilly / uneven terrain.
  • Be willing to be outside since dog walking is done outside year-around.
  • Follow the direction of Canine Care Staff and Senior Management.

Feline Care

While volunteering as part of the Feline Care volunteer team, you will support the Feline Care Staff with the care of the cats in the adoption center. This includes helping reduce the stress the cats in the adoption rooms by socializing with them and/or assisting with light cleaning.

In order to assist with our cats, you must:

  • Be able, if asked by Feline Care Staff, to help in the cleaning, setup and general upkeep of the feline adoption rooms.
  • Follow the direction of Feline Care Staff and Senior Management.

If you have any questions on which activity is right for you, please reach out to our volunteer manager at for more information!