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Bane’s Story

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The Real Bane
July 13, 2024

It’s been a few days since we’ve shared any updates on Bane, and he’s been keeping busy on his path to healing! He has had several significant gains, mainly putting on a few pounds since his arrival, and gaining a ton of new friendships. While he has taken several steps forward with his nutrition and weight, he is also continuing to have seizures, so he is seeing a neurologist to hopefully get him more stable and comfortable.

As we all work to show Bane what real life should look and feel like, we’re also getting to see who the real Bane truly is. Here are a few fun tidbits we’ve learned from his foster! Bane loves to “talk,” whether he’s begging his canine foster sister for a bit of her treats or chiming in while his foster mom is on the phone, Bane loves to be part of the conversation and let everyone know what’s on his mind (spoiler: it’s usually food).

Speaking of food – apparently all food is Bane’s food. He’s been caught (gently) sneaking a cracker from the hand of his foster mom’s granddaughter and will share treats with his foster dog sister. He’ll even “trade” a chew bone he’s started softening up with her fresh one since she likes them to be a little softer. 

Bane loves everyone he meets, and he’s met quite a few. He will run up to strangers when out on a walk, and sweetly asks for pets by rubbing up against them. And the best part is – everyone that meets Bane loves him too. Thank you all for continuing to follow his journey of healing!

Look at Bane in his foster home!
July 2, 2024

One of the more difficult parts of rescue is seeing an animal in Bane’s condition when they first arrive into our care. Not only was Bane in terrible physical condition, he was also scared and confused in a strange new place. We wish they could instantly understand when we tell them they are safe, and it will only get better from here. 

One of the most amazing parts of what we do is getting to change the future for our animals. Not only is Bane receiving the medical care he needs, he is also getting all of the love and comfort he truly deserves. Just check out these pictures sent to us from Bane’s foster! From snoozing on the couch with a big, cozy pillow, to making friends with his foster sister, Bane is finally learning what it is like to be truly spoiled. The generosity of our supporters and the loving hearts of our foster families make moments like this possible. We can’t thank you all enough for loving Bane along with us! 

In case you missed our earlier posts about Bane, you can read his prior updates and make a donation in his honor here:

Love in the Treatment Plan
June 29, 2024

We are so grateful for everyone that has followed along with Bane’s journey with us so far. We wanted to share a quick update on his medical needs as we continue to learn more about our incredible boy. Bane has had a few vet appointments so far, and it was quickly determined that he does have some neurological issues, including having some seizures. At this time, his medical team is hopeful that this is a result of malnutrition, and hopefully as his physical condition improves, so will his neurological needs. It is a huge challenge when animals like Bane arrive with no medical history, and the veterinary teams have an incredible number of unknowns to work through.

While he may carry himself like a senior, Bane is actually estimated to be just 5 years old. He arrived to us malnourished, dehydrated, severely underweight, and unsteady on his feet. His current treatment plan includes careful monitoring and feeding, and some new medications. His overall prognosis is positive, but cautious, as we continue to work toward his recovery. This video was taken the day he arrived in our care. As you can see, even when he wasn’t feeling his best, he couldn’t wait to be loved and greeted us with a gentle nudge of his head.

Stay tuned in the coming days for an update from his foster home. We cannot thank his foster enough for all of the love and care they are giving to Bane! Donations toward the care of animals like Bane can be made on our website here:

No Time to Waste
June 27, 2024
Save-A-Pet’s Animal Health team jumps into action to give Bane much needed love and care.

When an animal in Bane’s condition arrives into our care, there’s no time to waste. After Bane was found by staff, abandoned in a box, our Animal Health team quickly jumped into action. They assessed his condition, ensured he was stable, and began scheduling veterinary appointments and getting him comfortable. Bane was obviously malnourished, dehydrated, and weak, so the first order of business was administering some fluids. Since we knew nothing of his history, our staff moved slowly and carefully, but quickly learned that this sweet boy was just grateful for love and care.

The box he was found in was lined in dirty towels, covered in mouse droppings. His legs and feet had sores, and he was dirty. After his fluids, he got a warm bath to clean his body. He also desperately needed an ear cleaning and nail trim. It was hard to tell when the last time, if ever, this care was provided to him. Even though Bane was in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people, he seemed immediately grateful for all of it. He snuggled up in his towel after his bath, leaned in close with our staff, and only let out a whimper when it was time to settle in and rest.

After his initial medical needs were taken care of, and appointments were made, the next order of business was finding a foster home. We know Bane’s journey to wellness will likely not be quick or simple, and this amazing boy deserves to know the love and safety of a home while he recovers. We are so incredibly thankful that a foster home has stepped up to continue his care while our staff coordinates veterinary appointments and schedules regular check-ups. We can’t wait to show you how he has begun settling in already.

If you’d like to make a donation toward the care of animals like Bane, you can do so here: We are so incredibly thankful for all of our supporters that ensure all of our residents get the love and care they need, and a future they deserve.

Today, the Past is History
June 25, 2024
Save-A-Pet welcomes Bane with open arms.

Every animal that comes into our care has their own story. Sometimes we are able to learn a lot about their history, and then with others, all we can do is imagine, and pour our energy into their future. We want to introduce you to this special boy, who we’ve named Bane. Recently, one of our staff members found Bane, shaking, abandoned in a dirty box. We have no idea where he came from, or what he had been through, but we were astonished by his condition, and his immediately kind, trusting, and loving personality.

Bane came into our care incredibly emaciated, with sores all over his legs and feet, and very unsteady on his feet. He was only able to walk a few wobbly steps between trips and falls. He was weak, thirsty, hungry, and scared, but he was also so eager to wiggle his tiny body with excitement and sneak in sweet kisses. Bane has quite the journey and recovery ahead, and we will be sharing regular updates with you all about how he is progressing. While he needs to put on some weight, he needs to do so slowly and carefully, and he will have multiple appointments to help him on his road to recovery. 

We kindly ask that donations be made in honor of Bane, so we can continue to provide the love and care for neglected and abandoned animals like him. Donations can be made on our website here:

While we wish we knew more of his history, we know his future will be full of the love and care he truly deserves, therefore we challenge you to financially help Bane with his medical costs and other animals just like him.