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Emmitt’s Story

Who is Emmitt?

Emmitt is a 2.5-year-old Shepard Mix and one of our bigger dogs at Save-A-Pet. Emmitt loves to run around and will come back running back to you at full speed. He even pretends to be a cat, rubbing against you, and demands all the attention in the world. His favorite spot for some big scratches is the underside of his neck. If you have ever seen Scooby-Doo, here is Scooby’s twin!

How is Emmitt now?

Emmitt needs a Total Hip Replacement on both of his hips. This would need to be done in two separate surgeries and would require special care for his recovery.


Emmitt needs $15,000 for his two hip surgeries.

Emmitt was rescued from a completely enclosed landscaping trailer that had no ventilation or food. Emmitt was one of five puppies rescued along with his mother under the uninhabitable trailer.

Emmitt’s Diagnosis

On September 2021, Emmitt’s Foster to Adopt Parent noticed he had some limpness in his rear legs.  The X-rays showed that his hip sockets were shallow and flattened but because he was a puppy at the time, it was hard to interpret since his growth plates were still there.

Emmitt Needs Your Help! – Join the Challenge!

A year later, in September of 2022, Emmitt’s adopters returned him back to Save-A-Pet.  He was over 106 lbs. and growing quickly.  His new X-Rays revealed that he showed significant dysplasia with osteoarthritic changes in his hips and needed a Total Hip Replacement in both hips.

Emmitt’s double hip replacement needs to be done in two separate surgeries.  In April of 2023, Save-A-Pet’s Animal Health Team was able to find a Vet at the University of Purdue Small Animal Hospital.  He had his first hip surgery and afterward developed an infection. Emmitt is currently recovering and will then have his second surgery when he is healed. Funds raised for Emmitt will cover both surgeries, any follow-up care and diagnostics, specific recovery time/supplies, along with gasoline costs to cover the transportation to and from Purdue.

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