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*Wendy is part of our Take Time to Fall in Love Promotion. See our Adoption Procedures page for more details.* Sit, down and paw, come…can I learn more? I am an active girl and I enjoy a nice game of fetch. When someone is getting ready to take me out, I can sometimes get excited but then calm down as they put the harness on me. Going for a long walk is fun. I also love water so bath time is always a special moment with staff. They can pick me up, even carry me like a big baby. I enjoy all this extra attention, you know the massage and shampooing. While not mandatory, a fenced-in yard would be awesome so I can run around. I like to keep fit so an active person would be awesome but most importantly, I want to be loved. Guess what, some may have thought I was not good with other dogs but let me tell you something, I am actually doing pretty well some of the doggies in play groups here. We are just having fun like kids would at recess. (Of course, this still means that I may not like every single dog) So if you have a dog, why don’t you bring him in so we can meet and see how we may do together.

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