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It has come to our attention that a person or persons is claiming to be a representative of our organization and is attempting to facilitate adoptions for animals not in our care. They are utilizing the email address of Neither this email nor this person is affiliated with our organization or any of our representatives. If you see these posts, please do not contact this person. We are taking steps to report this activity with the appropriate parties. If you have been in touch with this person, or have questions, please call our front desk at 847-740-7788.

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First impressions count so I made sure that when one of the amazing Canine Care staff members took me out, I played my cards well. After I was taken to one of the fenced-in play yards, I pretty much jumped right into her lap for some loving. Once this was done, I got to play fetch. I enjoy tennis balls and plush toys. Ready for a fun-loving and playful small dog, then what are you waiting for?

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