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*Hank is part of our Take Time to Fall in Love Promotion. See our Adoption Procedures page for more details.* I was removed from a neglect situation with another dog so yes life wasn’t really fun and there was obviously not much love. Here I can be a little timid at first but as one of the Canine Care staff members described me, once I am out, I am like a big baby, climbing into your lap and soaking up all the loving and attention I am getting. They are also introducing me to toys and they look fun though I’m still not quite sure what to do with them. I’ll chase them and then run back to the dog walker for some more petting. Guess what, some may have thought I was not good with other dogs but let me tell you something, I am actually doing pretty well some of the doggies in play groups here. We are just having fun like kids would at recess. (Of course, this still means that I may not like every single dog) So if you have a dog, why don’t you bring him in so we can meet and see how we may do together.

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