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I’m done being a mom and I’m ready for life in the fast lane. I was able to raise my puppies in a foster home and they wrote a detailed write-up about my stay with them. When they came to visit us in our room, I would always be right there to get some loving, even climbing in their lap. I love walks and can get pretty excited checking everything out. Car rides are fun too. I already learned sit and with you, this will only be the beginning. After all, I’m a smart and affectionate girl and would love to be able to learn some fun things.Guess what, some may have thought I was not good with other dogs but let me tell you something, I am actually doing pretty well in the doggie play groups here. We are just having fun like kids would at recess. (Of course, this still means that I may not like every single dog but do you like every single person?) So if you have a dog, why don’t you bring him in so we can meet and see how we may do together.

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