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It has come to our attention that a person or persons is claiming to be a representative of our organization and is attempting to facilitate adoptions for animals not in our care. They are utilizing the email address of Neither this email nor this person is affiliated with our organization or any of our representatives. If you see these posts, please do not contact this person. We are taking steps to report this activity with the appropriate parties. If you have been in touch with this person, or have questions, please call our front desk at 847-740-7788.

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*Zane is part of our Take Time to Fall in Love Promotion. See our Adoption Procedures page for more details.* I lived outside, always having to hide until someone finally trapped me with another cat. While I am still getting used to are people, I’m perfectly fine with the other cats. I know they make sure that everything is clean, they feed us yummy food and play with us. I see cats rubbing against them, jumping in their lap and even playing. So, while I generally keep my distance, I no longer run away because all this is fascinating. I’m told that in a home with another cat or two and even more attention, I would probablyreally start blossoming. If you have the patience, I am ready!

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