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Mountain Dew

Not to brag but I was my foster mom’s favorite. I know how to wrap people around my little paws. While my siblings are rampaging through the house, I get all the loving to myself. I get carried like a baby while getting a little tummy rub. I also love climbing so you can often find me on top of the cat tree. No worries, I’ll come down, I sure don’t want to miss out on any loving. We are the sparkling personalities ready to quench your thirst for love. We had a great foster home and got to meet so many people. Since they worked from home, we were of course always willing to help edit emails and other documents and of course the computer is warm so a great spot to take a quick nap. Our foster mom wrote detailed profiles on all of us (Pepsi, RC, Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola and Fresca), with plenty of information.

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