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I spent time in a foster home raising two little girls. My foster mom wrote a lot of nice things about me and it is all in my file. I can be quite talkative, I enjoy petting, brushing, sweet talk and more. I did a great job with my little girls and would even play with them as if I were a kitten. My foster mom thought this was so cute. If I was out and about, all she had to do was call “Momma come here” and I would come running back. Food also always brought me back, yes I’m a foodie so I’m always ready for canned food. Oh and the little spot on my nose gives me quite a cute look, don’t you think?I am at the PetSmart in Kildeer (corner of Route 12 and Quentin Road). Please note that meeting us and adoptions are all done by appointment only. You can complete an application online at

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