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King Tut

I showed up on someone’s porch when it was close to 0 and luckily they took me in. All efforts to locate my family were unsuccessful so I stayed with them for a while. I am a very needy cat when it comes to getting attention, so would often chase the current resident cat away because I just want all the loving to myself. My family said I’m a velcro cat. The kitchen is my favorite room when people are there, preparing food. What can I say, I love my food and if you need help for a pre-rinse, I’m happy to oblige. I enjoy high spaces, cat trees, cabinets, you name it. Oh and for fun, I can entertain myself with balls that have bells or that make noise. I’m quite a character, always ready to love people with all my heart so would love a home where I could be the only four-legged family member. I am diabetic so just like people, I get insulin shots. I can be adopted or fostered. A permanent foster means that Save-A-Pet would continue to coordinate and pay for the vet expenses for my diabetes.

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