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It has come to our attention that a person or persons is claiming to be a representative of our organization and is attempting to facilitate adoptions for animals not in our care. They are utilizing the email address of Neither this email nor this person is affiliated with our organization or any of our representatives. If you see these posts, please do not contact this person. We are taking steps to report this activity with the appropriate parties. If you have been in touch with this person, or have questions, please call our front desk at 847-740-7788.

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*Julian is part of our Take Time to Fall in Love Promotion. See our Adoption Procedures page for more details.* There are many roads that lead to Rome…so while I am a shy cat, let me tell you about the ones that lead to my heart. If someone says “purr purr” very loud, I’m usually right there and join into the conversation. If you put your hand out, I gently tap it. Another one is to add a thick blanket on my bed or even better a little teepee for me to crawl in, and I will quickly take a nap, sticking my paws out. Some people have commented that my paw pads are very cute. Oh and I love toys, balls with bells, spring toys, I get all excited and can entertain myself for hours. I don’t limit myself to plastic toys, I also enjoy furry mice, catnip toys…or simply said, I’m not picky. Let’s get to know each other over toys, blankets and mixing in a little patience as I am shy with people at first. I would probably also love to have a feline friend. What do you say?

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