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Dixie Chick

One word to describe this gorgeous buff tabby girl (that’s me), I am a riot! I knows what I want and when I want it. While I can be independent, I love attention. I also love food, so much so that I always demand to be the first one served. I also know that you don’t leave food on your plate….and was more than happy to help other felines finish theirs. So now I hang out with our Animal Health staff. While I don’t have access to everyone’s food, there are definitely other perks hanging there. I get all the attention (I would so much more prefer to be an only cat) and some staff even sing to me once in a while. My fan club is also making sure I get to do my supervisory rounds around the adoption center – they say it is because I need to get “my steps in”. If you want my opinion, I’m the one that herds them around and make sure they don’t sit all day. If you want to follow my adventures, you can read a little tidbit every Wednesday at noon on Save-A-Pet’s Facebook page.If interested, please make sure to ask about me by name. I may even show you around.I need daily medications so I’m available as a foster or as an adoption. For additional information, please email

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