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My foster mom wrote such a wonderful bio about me so here is what she said. Dana is a confident, independent ball of energy and entertainment. If it moves, it’s game for a fun time! Balls, string toys, mice toys, toilet paper, other kittens, even you as you walk by (sweet little ankle hugs!) Empty boxes or cat trees for climbing are great fun too! She was a snuggler when she was very little, but less so as she got that mega kitten energy. She purrs very easily and will nap near you in the silliest of positions. She is affectionate in an independent way, but does love back scratches and if you get it just right will fall fast asleep on her back to chin rubs. I am at the PetSmart in Kildeer (corner of Route 12 and Quentin Road). Please note that meeting us and adoptions are all done by appointment only.

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